Sculpture and Carving.

Since the Renaissance, the distinction has been a matter of education and social class. In direct experience, the distinction is illusory. Idolatry is a misunderstanding. The medieval term ‘image-making,’ embracing the original traditions of East and West, is a truer description. Images are to focus attention and help us be aware of ourselves, mirroring the struggle of the maker. ‘Focus’ means literally ‘hearth.’ Finding innate forms in undifferentiated material is essentially conjuration, more rite than practice. They must continually be sacrificed in order to be refined. This is a paradigm.









Price for reinterpretations for all pieces shown on application.

Buddha, in full lotus posture, calling Earth to witness: interpretation of 12th cent. gilt bronze, Pagan, Burma, in Hornton Blue Limestone, 24 inches high, 18 inches wide, 12 inches deep. Commission. Photography, Tom Foxall

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